What is the Do Happy Project?

Welcome to the Do Happy Project,

our action-based initiative bringing together activities of self-care,

charity and movement.  We are dedicated to helping children & adults

alike re-think and re-define "happy".



The Do Happy Project organically grew from the Warter Strong Foundation's

mission to empower and inspire people, as well as to support

like-minded charities, committed to helping others Do Happy every day.


The Do Happy Project is about an outlook.

It represents an appreciation for life and all that you have.

We live day to day with the idea that life doesn't have to be “perfect” or "easy"

or even "go as planned" to be amazing.

In 2018, through the grass-root efforts of our family and friends,

we found our mantra, Do Happy

And now in 2021, that MANTRA became a MOVEMENT!!




Who makes up the Do Happy Team?


Learn a Little About Me:

My name is Barbara Warter and I am the President of the Warter Strong Foundation and Founder of the Do Happy Project.

I am  also a Licensed Speech Language Pathologist, Co-founder of Signing Fingers, LLC. and Certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor. I earned a BS degree from Union College and a Masters degree in Speech Pathology from Columbia University. 

The Do Happy Project is a labor of love that grew from my professional work and my personal life experience to create this one-of-a-kind program. I feel passionate about empowering and inspiring children and adults alike to re-shape how they think about "happy" and learn to Do Happy!

I have experience creating and customizing curriculum for different ages and various school needs as the former Co-Founder of SIgning FIngers, LLC. a school-based language and music enrichment program.

FInally, I am the proud author of my first children's book, ABC Do Happy with Me.  (now available for purchase on Amazon).


Get to Know Me

My name is Melissa Giordano and I am the Head of Program Development for the Do Happy Project. 


I have a very diverse background ibut most of my experience focuses on inspiring others to be the very best version of themselves.  I hold a Bachelors Degree in Marketing, from Seton Hall University, as well as a Masters in Elementary Education.  I am also a Certified Teacher of the Handicapped.  I have served as an elementary school teacher for 12 years and as a learning consultant for 9 years.  In 2014, I became a certified yoga instructor and have taught the inspirational practice of yoga to students of all ages.

This past year, COVID affected everyone in some way.  As a special education teacher in Livingston, NJ, I saw the first hand the toll this pandemic was taking.  I coordinated launching the Do Happy Project at our middle school and together with Barbara Warter, I have worked tirelessly working on age-appropriate curriculum.

I am very committed to the social, emotional and physical well being of my students, my peers and my community and look forward to supporting the growth of this one-of-a-kind program.

picture coming soon

Let Me Tell you a Little About Myself


My official title is Dr. Penina Petchers, Psy D but most people just know me as Penny. 


I am thrilled to be part of the Board for the Do Happy Project, providing input and feedback regarding programming and educational content.

I am a mom of two boys and happy to be raising them in Livingston, NJ along with my husband PJ both of us are Livingston natives!

More to come...

A Few Fun Facts about Me


My name is Diana Vays (on the left) and I am the Strategic Marketing and Social Media Consultant. 


I am responsible for developing and creating effective ways to help the Do Happy Project reach their goals through innovative public relations, marketing and social media platforms. I am a strategic planner and freelance writer for various lifestyle consumer products and services.  As a fun aside (or as a life-long dream), I am working towards obtaining my nursing degree in the fall! In my free time, I juggle my four boys and my sweet puppy, Cleo.

Want to join our team as a Do Happy Certified School, Coach or Ambassador? Email or DM to find out how!