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The Do Happy Project

You don't get to CHOOSE happy

You can't always BE happy.

You won't always FEEL happy.

But every day you can DO happy.





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Ways to Do Happy

  • You can take PHYSICAL action such as walking or running or dancing.  

  • You can take EMOTIONAL action such as reading a good book, cuddling with your dogs, coloring or painting rocks  

  • You can take SELF-CARE action by eating healthy food

  • You can take ACTIVE action by learning something new

  • You can also take CHARITABLE action by doing something for another person or organization.

This simple message of happiness, told through the eyes of an adorable puppy named Otis, is brought to life through beautiful illustrations and narration. In a novel way, the book shows children how happiness comes from doing things, “The secret of ‘happy’ is that it's not a feeling or thought. You can't “be” it or “choose” it, which you hear a lot. But if you do something happy each and every day, it will help you live in a ‘Do Happy’ way!”

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Read along, to a fun and catchy rhyming book while learning your ABCs. Discover the ways you can 

“do happy” for every letter of the alphabet. A must have for children and adults of all ages and abilities.

Buy it Here! 

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